Saturday, June 2, 2007

Week 1

Thing #1-read it/ need the CEU's and curious to learn about new things!!

Thing #2
If I had done the week #1 thing first, I could have set "loading my i-pod" as the subject of my "Learning Contract"..but it's really just a step.
As far as learning habits, technology may be my most difficult, which, may also be somewhat related to having confidence in myself (Habit #4) but that is only lack of confidence dealing with technologies.
I guess, all technologies are not necessarily a good thing to me. ...or may be over rated. Sometimes, personal contact is so much more important than an e-mail.
Viewing problems as challenges is probably my easiest, after I get over the initial "shock" if there is one. I always did like to figure out how to solve problems, especially if I wasn't supposed to be able to overcome those problems (or challenges)!!

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