Friday, June 29, 2007

Library Blogs Thing #9

While I was exploring Merlin, which I already used for on-line classes, I discovered links to library blogs...The Library Garden , Librarians discussing what's going on int "their neighborhood". Some blogs directly linked to the Library Journal, PLA, Webjunction. Found the "Librarian in Black"'s blog quite entertaining ( plus realizing how technologically deficient I am...but...who wants to have 500 newsfeeds!!!!
Amazon has some blogs, Meg Wloitzer's ( discussing plagerism which my daughter and I have been discussing lately.

And, as I was searching for useful Library blogs, I did a search on thoroughbred racing blogs and found quite a few that I can really relate to.
Anyway, I can see that reading blogs from other librarians from other areas can be quite informative, enlightening, and discovering what's going on elsewhere!!
Suzy B.

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