Friday, June 8, 2007


Week 3
Thing #5

Hmm..Been looking at the mash-ups, trading cards, etc. interesting that clicking on mashups took me to the dreaded wikipedia. Mash ups look like a lot of tech work, really not into spending that much time there.

Really think I could enjoy flikr. I need to learn how to organize my photos on-line and on my computer, and set them up by location would be fun (especially to see what other people are doing and interested in the same area).
My family already shares by e-mail, but I need to improve my skills in that department!! And, it looks like it would be fun to join flikr, took the "Magical Flikr Tour". Lots of little extra perks there. Just so it's free.
Anyway, need to do some marina stuff.
Suzy B.

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