Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Thing #15 Library 2.0

One thing I do agree we need to do as a library is to be as open and user friendly as we can be.
By this, I mean web access as well as physical access. The Library needs to be a place people want to be; and be able to find what they want or need easily. It doesn't mean a thing if we have the most beautiful facility in the world, but are not accessible and "human" in our services.

If our web access is not easily navigated, patrons will go elsewhere.
They will not want to be "here".
AskUsNow has a "MySpace" account, therefore, it is a Maryland service going to the patron. AskUsNow in itself is a service to the patron utilizing reference services by internet. Libraries are evolving
and, I believe, listening more to the patrons' suggestions and addressing the use of technology in the library and on the internet.

Personally, I think Cecil County Public Library is addressing these needs and is progressing. We have access to many patron services from our web page. More and more patrons are being informed of these services by our staff.

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