Friday, August 3, 2007

Thing #23--The Final Frontier

This was an adventure into the known and unknown realms of computer technology for an older, but fearless participant. The ease of blogging, but also the complexities that are possible, surprised me a bit. The fun of creating an avatar, animation of that avatar and viewing You-tube videos were important elements to keep the program interesting. Listening to pod-casts, my blogline account, and how to share photos using Flickr are some technologies that I plan to use in the future on a more regular basis.
My fear of technology was further lessened by participating in this program. Willingness to experiment with new things is the key to 23 Things.
I'm not convinced that books in the flesh will ever be obsolete. Libraries will evolve and adapt along with their staff to utilize the technologies available and those technologies the patrons demand.
I would be interested in another program such as this. Exposure to what is going on out there beyond the safety of my little world is always a welcoming learning experience.


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